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Sabrina Dahan - Effortless Luxury

Sabrina Dahan launched her first bridal collection in Fall 2016, and now has three beautiful collections within her line. Her passion for bridal is apparent in her soft touch embroidered masterpieces that display immaculate technique, fit and attention to detail. 

Inspired to launch a couture bridal line by her own love story and engagement, Dahan's expert technique and keen eye comes from top notch schooling at Otis College of Art and Design and from her hands on experience in the bridal industry for several years. 

Dahan has been the light and talent behind successes for top couture projects and design houses, including the likes of Monique Lhuillier. Her dedication to hard work and white glove customer service was taught by her parents, who introduced Dahan to the world of retail and fashion at a young age.

 As her collections come to life, Dahan's unique originality shines through embodying a sense of romance that will resonate with each bride embarking on her own love story. 

Spring 2018 Collection

The newest Sabrina Dahan collection transports you to the cusp of the frothy ocean to a moment of loving pause, peace and reflection under a beautiful blue sky. Growing up in Santa Monica, Sabrina lives for those evanescent moments by creating gowns reminiscent of those special times. The following images are absolutely breathtaking and we want to thank Sabrina & her team for curating such an amazing shoot! 


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We also have a few favorites from her prior season collections we would like to share with you! Her Spring 2017 collection is full of movement, and colorful strokes - creating her own modern movement in a world of white. Sabrina emulates the beautiful scenes from the classics through hand beaded leaves and flowers on bouquets of tulle, by using a colorful palette positioned loosely around beautiful necklines and by designing movement with layers of floral beading. 




Now, her first collection EVER (Fall 2016) was designed to whisk the bride away to a summer in Paris full of love, beauty and romance, reminiscent of the time she met her true love. Sabrina Dahan’s debut collection brings to life the black and white story line sketched while roaming the magical city, admiring textures, Parisian ornate architecture and three dimensional wall carvings of vines. 






Xoxo, Betty Bridal