Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Summertime weddings may be glamorous and romantic, but they can also be HOT. Sweaty guests and a passing out mother of the groom may seem like enough to turn a bride off to a summer wedding, but there are many ways to beat the inevitable heat!

  1. Who doesn’t love a chic updo anyway? With your hair out of your face and neck you can forget about it sticking to you or going flat and humidity is the arch nemesis of curls!


2. Make sure you’re keeping yourself and your guests hydrated! There’s nothing tackier than a wasted bride and there’s nothing worse than being a dehydrated wedding guest on what’s supposed to be a fun day.


3. The dress can make or break your summer wedding experience! Make sure you’re shopping for your dress with the time of year of your wedding in mind. You might find a dress that is to die for in the winter, but will have you miserable on the most special day of your life. Lightweight and strapless dresses will ensure you can feel hot in all the right ways and not the wrong ones. And don’t forget about the groom! Put him in a snazzy little linen outfit so he will photograph adorably and won’t be uncomfortable.


4. Also, if it rains you’re screwed. Just kidding, but make sure you have a backup plan that can easily be put into place if the weather forecast is looking iffy. Don’t forget that rain on your wedding day is good luck and makes for some breathtaking photos because on trend umbrellas, hello!


5. Time of day cannot be stressed enough! If you’re getting married in the middle of a South Carolina summer day, then you are setting your wedding up for heatstroke. Evening and dusk weddings are incredibly romantic and will ensure that your guests aren’t dropping like flies.


6. Finally, Serving lighter appetizers and dinners will keep everyone from feeling too full and hot! Heavy food can be too much in the heat so fresh bruschettas or white fish entrées are better than steaks.